Breeder Referral

I do breeder referrals for Quinnipiac Poodle Club and Poodle Club of America. I always have a list of Poodle Breeders in the New England area and east of the Mississippi River, which has Poodle puppies available. I am happy to refer you to Poodle Breeders to find a Poodle to join your family.

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The Poodle Club of America

Quinnipiac Poodle Club- Located in Connecticut

Versatility in Poodles



It is important when looking for a puppy to add to your family, to get familiar with the O.F.A. health testing that is to be done for each variety of Poodles. This is not just for Poodles, but each breed of dog has its own set of O.F.A. Health testing needs to be done for that particular breed. A responsible breeder will have documentation, in writing, for the particular testing that needs to be done, for the breed that you are looking for. Make sure you get copies of the testing when purchasing a puppy.


Many breeders will ask for a visit before agreeing to let you have a puppy. This is because they care where their puppies will be going to live. Some breeders might even have you fill out a form of questions to see what you are looking for in a puppy and what type of a home you will provide for the puppy. Some will interview you on the phone, asking you many questions. Breeders that take the time to find out about you, care where their puppies go. Make sure you also understand what is written in the contract or sales agreement that goes with the sale of a puppy from the breeder you choose. It is important for you to understand the details as they are written in the contract between you and the breeder. While you might feel like a breeder is interrogating you, they are just trying to find out if you will provide the type of home they want for one of their puppies. Please be patient and be happy that they care enough to want the best for a puppy they have bred.

Please be considerate when calling a breeder and don’t phone before 9:00 AM., most breeders are busy getting their day started, as well as please don’t call past 8:00 PM. most breeders are finishing up for the night.