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How We began

Random Wind was established in 1977. It is a small successful family of Miniature Poodles. This is a hobby that my mother and I began shortly after I graduated from college. We always had Poodles as Pets, but it was after my Standard Poodle passed away in early 1977 that I got a Doberman puppy “ Sara”, from Marilyn Gilbert, “Free Spirit Dobermans”. It was soon after that my mother decided she wanted to get another Poodle. It was through the help of Jane Forsyth and Annie Clark that led us to Round Table Kennels in Middletown Delaware.

In the beginning, most of the Poodles were registered in my mother's name, while I was showing horses around the East Coast. Many of the Poodles I would show for single points, but the horses always came first. I did not add my name to the Poodles till several years later.

Mrs. Alden Keene, from Round Table kennels, bred our foundation bitch. Jordan Chamberlain was her kennel manager at the time. It was with his help and the help of many others that our family of miniature Poodles grew into what we have today. I will always be appreciative of all the help I received over the years from so many people in this sport.

Our Poodles are in our home; we do not have a kennel. Our dogs are part of our family. We started with black miniature Poodles, but we have had an occasional brown, too. Our home will always have the combination of Dobermans and Poodles in it. They all live together in harmony with the horse and donkey here too.

While I am very active in breeder referral and many other aspects of the breed and sport, I seldom have puppies available since the death of my Mother in 2014.

Member of
The Poodle Club of America https://poodleclubofamerica.org/

Doberman Pinscher Club of America https://dpca.org/

Quinnipiac Poodle Club https://quinnipiacpoodleclub.com/

Longshore Southport Kennel Club

Random Wind Poodles
In Memory of My Mother, Suzanne with Peanuts (Doberman), Dennis, Sassy & Sandy.